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Expertise Profile

The Company has a very wide experience and expertise in handling a huge a varity of materials.

Materials Processed

Steels :

St35 / St 52 / S235JR / EN1A-Pb / EN8 / EN9 / EN21 / EN41 B-Nitriding Steel / EN19 / EN31 / 4140 / 20MnCr5 in drawn/Forged conditions

Stainless Steels :

AISI 303 / 304 / 316L / 316Ti / 410 / 1.4104/ CF8M /17-4PH in drawn, cast, forged conditions, Stainless Steels as per DIN ASTME/ISO Stds

Aluminium :

6061-T6 /6082 T6 / 2024 / 7075 / 356T6 / LM9 / LM24 / LM25 in bar stock / Sand casting / Gravity die casting and extruded forms.

Copper :

ETP Copper / CuA1H/ Cu57F in bar form

Brass :

CuZn39Pb2 / CuZn40Pb3 in drawn or Cast Condition

Special Materials :

Titanium / Monel / Inconel


1.Milling of complex components on 4th Axis like Face Cams, Winder cams, Positional cams & Drum cams from hardenable steels, nitriding steels.
2.CNC Turned parts like small Hydraulic elements / Spindles / Camshafts / Housings
3.Hard Part Turning & Milling of components upto 62 HRC.
4.Machining of Buttery fly / Ball valves Bodies, Stems, Valve seats, Ball Shafts, Manifolds, Medical implants from Stainless Steels & Low Temp Ductile Iron castings
5.Machining of Metrology parts, Aviation parts, Pump & Flow Control parts from  Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloys
6.Turned Parts from Copper Alloys in ETP Grades / Brass with Lapping / Sand Blasting / Silver Plating .
7.Large Flanges from Alu Castings
8.Lapped Bushing Parts to  <0.2 Ra surface finish values
9.Disconnector Pressure Rings from Forged Steels
10.Finished parts with Post surface Treatments like Anodizing, Powdercoatings, Lapping, Zinc coatings, etc.


•Surface, Cylindrical and Internal Grinding, Rotary Grinding, Centreless Grinding, Broaching, Gears manufacturing , welding of Steel and SS parts
•Heat treatment like Hardening, Induction and Case hardening, Solution Annealing
•Surface treatment like Anodizing, Sand blasting, Powder coating, Shot blasting, Electro polishing, Electroless nickel plating, Zinc plating, Phosphating, Blackening & Buffing, Zinc Spraying.
•Investment Casting of Stainless steels - 300 and 400 series and alloys steels
•Graded castings of Cast Iron upto grades FC350 and Ductile Iron in EN-GJS-400x18U/LT
•Sand and Gravity casting of Aluminium in LM series
•Extruded profiles of Aluminium in 6061 –T6 / 6082 T6 / 7075/ 2024 


•       O rings / Oil Seals / Lip Seals / Pipings from Viton / NBR / EPDM / Fluoro Silicone

•       High tensile fastners from Steel / Stainless Steel

•       Electric and Hydro motors and proximity switches

•       Connecters, Solenoid and Check Valves for Hydraulic and Pneumatic assemblies.