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Heavy Component Machining


Welcome to Cosmos

In Infrastructure and Heavy engineering equipments, quality and stability of the product is of paramount importance for the safety of users and environment. At the sametime, the machines should be capable of running round the clock having ability to remove large amount of material in minimum time. This requires highly rigid and stable machines manufactured specially for such heavy machining for endless shifts. Here we bring to heavy cutting loads and tooneage required for machining of Engine blocks, Gearbox, Drive shafts, Axles, Steel rolls and other heavy duty earth moving equipements parts.

These machines are highly reliable and are manufactured by world renowned company Youji, L & L & Sanco making them and ideal offering for Heavy engineering industries. At Cosmos we can provide solutions for material handling, shipping, pumps & valves, boiler, heavy engineering equipement and various other industry segments.




DVM 3021

CY 900

YV 1600 ATC + C