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About Us

Joemars Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., founded inJul. 1989, by the President Mr.Chen, Shun Yuan with team of elites in EDM, features superior R&D, humanize management, high quality products, great service and solid credibility that pump up sales. The annual sales grow sharply at 20% to 50%. With excellent technique and quality products, it has great market share in EDM business. Within several years, Joemars has outperformed the competitors, becoming an outstanding manufacturer in the industry. To serve client in Mainland China better and expand market, it established foreign-ventured Changzhou Joemars Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. In Nov. 1997., applications and services.




1989, Jul.

Taiwan headquarter was established.

1989, Oct.

Launched traditional EDM with complete modules popular in USA and Europe.

1989, Nov.

The first EDM was sold.

1990, Jul.

Launched improved Z-shaft NC programmable EDM.

1990, Dec.

Cooperated with Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd. to expand business into South Africa

1991, Apr.

Cooperated with ALPHA to expand business into Japan.

1995, Mar.

First Taiwan-made FUZZY EDM hit the market.

1996, Jul.

Rose productivity twice by adding production equipment

1996, Oct.

Computerized operation was installed

1996, Oct.

Mass production on small hole drill EDM

1997, Mar.

Attended Taipei International Machine Tool Exhibition with the latest PC ZNC and CNC which stood out among the competitors

1997, Nov.

Established Changzhou Joemars Industrial Automation Co., Ltd.

1997, Dec.

Launched "Broken Tap Remover"

1998, Dec.

The first Taiwan-made EDM required ISO 9001 certificate, guaranteed we are the best manufacturer in Taiwan

1999, Jan.

Developed CNC Wire Cut, a display of engineering prowess.

1999, Mar.

Programmable Tap Remover required Innovation Award by Ministry of Economics Affairs, R.O.C.

2000, Aug.

Set up office in Yu Yao, Changzhou aimed at offering better service

2001, Jul.

Set up Kun Shan, Jiangsu

2002, Jun.

Kun Shan Joemars factory was built.

2002, Nov.

Changzhou Joemars developed high speed small hole 535D and 535DZ EDM.

2002, Dec.

Changzhou Joemars factory was expanded.

2003, May.

Changzhou Joemars factory finished expanding construction, with area 1000 square meters in area.