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About Us

Along with the progress of the times, the traditional thoughts and methods are always in the innovation and breakthrough. New thoughts, techniques and methods change people¡¦s traditional working habits gradually.

SHENQ FANG YUAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, established in such times full of changes in September of 1996, inherited traditional techniques, integrated new ones and new methods, independently designed and manufactured all series of CNC high speed engraving machine¡XAEM and CEM series. By exporting to the oversea market, and then selling the machines in Taiwan, the company steps into the big family of machinery industry.

SFY¡¦s CNC high-speed engraving machines are with not only the micro-engraving ability but also engraving and milling functions. They are widely used for the following to meet the demands of different customers
1. Small precision steel mold industries (cellular phone mold, auto car connecting rod mold, hot runner mold, die casting mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, press mold, eyeglass frame mold)
2. Shoe mold industries (high frequency mold, micro-injected mold, shoe sole mold)
3. Precision machining industries (watch dial processing, watch case engraving, accurate drilling, gulf sculpture, division engraving, engraving the pattern on high-class cue stick)
4. Precision model.
5. Zipper mold, hot-stamping mold, electrode mold, parts drawings engraving, letters engraving, embossment of badges and arts, etc.

At the beginning of 1998, realizing the machine which 5 axes perform seamlessly together will be in great demand for the special precision mold and special precision machining industries. At the same year of July, SFY started to develop and design 3D 5 axis machining center. In February of 1999, SFY developed CNC 5 axis machining center¡XHA-5AX1 successfully, and delivered to a well-known Taiwanese tire manufacturer for producing tire molds. After that, SFY succeeded in developing HA-5AX2 and HA-5AX3 series, and selling the machines to other countries in Europe and Asia for accurate industries of aircraft parts, watches, etc.

At the beginning of 1999, in the requirements of abroad distributors, SFY started to develop CNC high speed machining center. In May of 1999, the first CNC high speed machining center¡XHSC-680 developed successfully, then continuously finished the development of HSC-1280, and delivered the machines to oversea factories for molds and parts machining.

At the beginning of 2001, by the encouragement of many mold machining factories and considering the requirements of domestic machining industries, SFY designed the CNC high speed machining center¡XHSC-910-the best choice model for the high speed machining instead of traditional processing. At the end of the same year, HSC-910 worked for the mold-machining factory.

During these years, the staffs of SFY make their efforts in developing and researching on machines continuously, expecting to match the requirements of upgrade equipment for the vocations, and to be helpful for the development of related industries. However, SFY is still young and small.