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 PARTNERS SPOTLIGHT :: COSMOS develops solid, long-lasting partnerships with key suppliers, customers and network supporters based on trust, respect and a dedication to “doing the right thing”. COSMOS strongly believes that doing everything possible to make their partners’ successful is the surest way to guarantee their own success.
To help you achieve outstanding results from your metalworking operations, COSMOS brings together a dedicated and winning combination of machines, people, facilities and support system. Our experienced personnel and comprehensive facilities enable COSMOS to control machine tool orders from the time the equipment is built, through Customs procedures, to delivery at the customer works and the machine’s installation on your shop floor.
Other partnerships are formed with our valued suppliers who can address manufacturing challenges with their technologies, insight and experience. Alliances with such suppliers consistently expand the horizons of possibilities for each element of the higher goal facing the team. Following the leadership of COSMOS’s application engineers, together with input from our partners, we evaluate the alternatives, conduct tests, and then present the results representing the best manufacturing solution.