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 COSMOS as a leading provider of machine tools services is dedicated to enhance the value of our customer experience at every level of the organization. We will do this through providing innovative world class products supported by customer focused services and support with COSMOS Service Line. Our goal is rewarding growth exceeding the expectations of our customers ever day.


 Field Service

Qualified machine tool service keeps your business running. Our quick response times with knowledgeable factory trained engineers give us a distnict edge in our service capabilities. With our wide network of branches,our factory team & experienced engineers are always in your vicinity.From preventative maintenance and spindle repair, to quick on-site response times,to restoring back the accuracies with laser calibration,you are covered for all backup support. The COSMOS service team will maintain your machinery in the best condition for many years to come.


Get more out of your machines through proper training of your operating team at the COSMOS Training center. Advance training before machine arrive the speedup machine utilization after it is installed. Our application,programming,and service training modules will facilitate more efficient usage of your machine. Topics include machine servicing,hands-on operation,and Basic CNC programming.

COSMOS Service Line

COSMOS Service Line is the first of its kind in the country.Its is the first calling point for all customers anywhere in india and thus is a single window to exclusively handle all service complaints and related communication with completely auto-tracking system for each problem till it is resolved.

Annual Maintenance Contract

 The old saying-'Prevention is better Than cure' is more than true for CNC machine tools. In today's competitive era,machine performance and consistence quality through put is of prime importance. The consistence repeat manufacturing output depends on the machine performance and for this machine maintenance is a key factor.  

 We cover the task in Preventive maintenance. With regular Preventive Maintenance and daily care (as instructed by our engineer),the machine accuracy and condition is monitored and will not detoriate with continous usage of machine.

 Also with our special Specialized Preventive Maintenance diagnostics,machine accuracy is known and with known accuracy level,you can able to reduce the rejection.

Reconditioning of machine's

Machine accuracies lost because of extensive use of accidents are analysed and restored. Restoration includes,Re-scraping of Guide ways,Reconditioning / Replacement of Ball screws and LM Guide ways.

Replacement of Bearings and other wear parts.

Re-calibration of machine.

Ballbar & Laser Test

With our in house availability of LASER & BALLBAR equipment our team can help you ensure that your machine is capable of producing good parts before you begin cutting chips. The net result is a significant gain in productivity and a reduction in scrap.                                                             

A) Comprehensive Plan
      Get your Machine fully diagnosed by Ball Bar Test and re-callibrated by Laser Test.

B) Treatment Plan

      Get your machine checked and treated by laser Test.

C) Diagnostic Report
     Get the complete diagnosis of your machine by Ball Bar Test.

We shall be at your service during working hours from 9 AM to 6 PM on the dedicated Service line.