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COSMOS Solutions for Totally Integrated Automation
You can get equipment anywhere. You get a cost-effective solution from us.

Total Turnkey is the basis to implement industry-specific automation solutions that are coordinated with individual requirements, combining increased productivity with a high level of investment security.

Total Turnkey helps companies improve their overall manufacturing and process operations.

Be ahead of competition – with Total Turnkey Solution.

Total Turnkey is based on our commitment for long term continuous improvement in the products, services and application expertise in all industries.

Lower engineering costs in the development of automation solutions, lower life cycle costs in the operation of plants and a significant reduction of the time to market result in considerably higher productivity and security of investment.



From piston brake calipers to biller engine blocks, we can help you every step of the way. Through our relationships with machine builders YOUJI, SFY., Joemars, Eumach & Fastcut, we have the experience provide customized solutions for engine, drivetrain, braking and suspension components. From Travelling Column Vertical/Horizontal Machining Centers with Dual Spindle and H/V Spindle capability to High Precision Mill/Turn Center, we are prepared to face the machining challenges faced by you on a day basis,by providing an optimum solutions.

In the world of modern medicine, orthopedic implants and human engineering are becoming a growing segment. For this high efficiency, rigid and hygienic machines capable of cutting exotic materials with high speed and accuracy. Components like titanium bone screws backplates,knees joints,joining plates,ball joints are the required in the surgeries. Our high speed multitasking machine can produce your parts from bat stocks or solid block to fish component in a single set up.
Special multi axis machining solutions for dental industry is another highlights of our product lineup, with complete solution from scanning to machining is available Cosmos,hence giving you a cutting edge over the conventional manufacturing methods.
Through our revolutionary product line and reputatuin in the medical industry, we can bring to you various 4&5 axis machine dedicated to this seg-

At COSMOS,large parts manufacturing is our area of expertise. We can offer a large range of machining solutions, with joint knowledge base of our Technical team and our machine tool partners like Youji, L&L, Eumach to meet the demands of the fast growing power and steel sector.Through these relationships,we have the experience to provide highly customized solutions for manufacturing blades, blade adaptors, pitch drives, extenders, rotor hubs, towers, bases, gearboxes and drive trains. From Heavy VTL's and Flat Bed Lathes to 3-Axis Vertical/Horizontal Machining Centers & highly complex 5-Axes Machining Centers, we help our customers meet the challenges they face every day.


At COSMOS, we can provide you various possible machine configurations, to satisfy multitude of production requirements. From high-speed machining of small and medium size work pieces in special alloy, steel,aluminium,resin,composite materials to machining large size work pieces across various industrial application such as die manufacturing, aerospace precision engineering,design and style. This wide range of machines of different configurations, we can offer you the most suitable machine for you application.

In today highly competitive segment of die & mould manufacturing satisfying the ever increasing needs of machine shop is our challenge. Cosmos we have very carefully selected range of products, satisfying the most demanding requirements of the industries. Our line up of High Speed machining centre, Wire EDM, Spark Erosion EDM, surface Grinders and wide range of Large die machining centers, we can provide a complete tool rool solution, for your precious dies.


Modern In infrastructure and Heavy engineering equipments, quality and stability of the products is of paramount importance for the safety of users and environment. At the sametime the machines should be capable of running round the clock having ability to remove large amount of material in mininmum time. This requires highly rigid and stable machines manufactured specially for such heavy machining for endless shifts. Here we bring to heavy cutting loads and tooneage, required for machining of Engine blocks, Gearbox, Drive shafts, Axis, Steel rolls and other heavy duty earth moving equipments parts.
These machines are highly reliable and are manufactured by world renowned company Youji, L&L making them an ideal offering for Heavy engineering industries. At Cosmos we can provide solutions for material handling, shipping, pumps & valves, boiler, heavy engineering equipment and various other industry segments.

Quality electronics products like mobile phones and laptops need high quality high speed machines to manufacture them. With great emphasis on low cycle times and high productivity, our linup of vertical machining centers and drill tap centers designed specifically for this industries will give you a leading edge. Our machines have a high speed direct drive spindle motor with over 3000 rpm and high rapids, with multiple spindles coupled with complete automation solutions for lights out operation to enhance the profitability for your product.