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The idea for better machining center comes from innovation in design. When constant innovation and breakthrough are incorporated into the design, it results into a perfect VMC. For over 20 years, COSMOS has been satisfying customer by providing cutting edge machining centers. This time again cosmos brings to you their SUPER HEAVY DUTY machine range "master BLASTER".


COSMOS Machining Master Series: -  With over 18 years of experience in the field of high speed machining centers, COSMOS brings to you, the "CVM Series" designed with optimum axis travel and spindle output for high speed precision milling and drilling applications to satisfy the most demanding production requriements across broad range of industries such as the Automobile, precision engineering and Tool and Die manufacturing



STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD.: -  Star Micronics Limited is world renowned establishement ever since its incorporation in Japan in 1947 in the fields of (1) CNC Machine Tools like Automats (2) Special Products in Mechatronics Technologies like Printers. (3) High Precision Components manufacturing (4) Precision Products like Wristwatches components, Computer Hardware components like Hard Discs, Digital Intrumentation Components, Medical Equipments, Communication Equipemnts Parts, Automotive parts etc.

STAR Micronics, the present Global player in making Precision CNC Machine Tools like CNC Automats started making Precision Machine Tools for their own use in making above special products, but, star after successful in house use of self made machine tools decided to supply the precision machine tools globally in 1962 and have gained excellent worldwide reputation in CNC Swiss Type i.e. Sliding Head Automats for every known application.

Star has successfully executed installations in India for Defence, Textile, Medical, Precision measurement equipment components in past.

With the rapidly changing Global scenario, Star looks at Asia and specially towards India as one of the emerging superpowers in manufacturing and therefore has decided to revive their old successful Indian Team to strenghten its manufacturing &distribution activities in the field of CNC Swiss Type Sliding Head Automats through us with a professional confidence in our Experience, expertise & abilities to provide excellent support in Application Engineering & After Sales Services for STAR CNC Swiss Automats being supplied by us.

We would be more than pleased to meet you as per your convenience to introduce STAR's widest range of CNC Sliding Head Automats by way of Powerpoint presentations, Videos, Catalogues etc sales promotional materials and would like to discuss your applications to offer best suitable STAR's CNC Sliding Headstock machine along with Application Studies & Tool Layouts.

Thanking you and we do await your valuable feedback to fix an appointment as per your
convenience to discuss the technology further to suit your needs.



Venus - Horizontal Spindle Surface Grinding Machine

COSMOS Technology Park


With 22 years of experience in the Machine Tool Industry in India and with 10 years of manufacturing experience, COSMOS have planned to set up a State-of-the-art Technology Park.

The Technology Park will house the various plants producing key components for the manufacture of CNC Machine Tools. It will also house The Machine Tool R & D Division which will be the growth driver for our future business.

For this COSMOS have already tied up for Technology alliance with some of the top leaders in the world Machine Tool Industry.

With this COSMOS hope to play a key role in the Growth of Indian Industry in the fields of Automobile, Infrastructure,Power & Steel, Electronics, Aerospace & Medical Implants.