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EDM Series

High Performance Wirecut EDM

WT355S / AWT355S

  • X,Y,Z , travel: 350(X) x 250(Y) x 210(Z)mm
  • Max. work piece dimension (W x D x H) : 710x560x205mm
  • Max. work piece weight : 300kgs
Machine Unit

Max. workpiece dimension (WxDxH) 710x560x205
Max. workpiece weight 300
X Travel 350
Y Travel 250
Z Travel 210
U Travel 80
V Travel 80
Drive system AC servo motor
Wire diameter ø0.15~ø0.30 (standard)
ø0.10 (optional)
Max. tape angle ±24° / 80mm
Outside diemnsion (WxDXH) 1170x1730x1990
Machine net weight 2100

  • AC servo motors are used on machines provides “Positioning & Tension” control with high reliability.
  • DC motors control offers different wire diameters for various data.
  • High pressure air applied at wire melting system makes no burrs to the new wire.
  • Intelligent wire-cutting device, a different voltage occurs for different wire diameters.
  • Unique upper Are guide structure produces a high pressure water jet, AWT can be done in water, operator can chose Ø 0.5 mm - Ø 2.0 mm assistant flushing nozzles to thread the Ø 0.1mm - Ø 0.3mm wire.
  • Special lower wire guide to offer 2 high pressure water jet with 45° and 180°, ensure the wire will be threaded successfully.
  • Ceramic wire collecting wheel is used to bring a longer lifetime for parts.
  • PWM DC wire collecting motor is equipped to provide the linear stability.

(Launching Soon)

New generation control system
WINDOWS based design
Equipped with unique RTX clock software
User friendly, CNC control interface, for easy operation
15” touch-screen monitor and mouse,
Smoother programming for users,
Optional 4 axes on-board conversational programming system.

Intelligent OV Circuit
Specially designed intellent ignition control circuit permits ignition voltage, voltage adjustment and control by computer and is excellent for machining various work piece materials with both thick and thin sheet plates. Also a voltage stabilizing circuit maintains discharge machining at constantly high speeds and 20%, especially when working on particularly thick or think work piece.

Super Fine Loop
The super fine loop employs a high frequency, non-electrolytic machining method. The process combines high stability wire feeding tension control. All of which fabricates an extremely fine work piece surface.

Filtaration System

Filter system capacity 640/320
Filter element Paper filter
Ion exchange resin capacity 14/6.8
Water quality control Auto
Water temperature control Auto
2KG Wire System Offers long Working Hours

Mechanical Design Features

  • Each axis uses precise ball screw and linear motion guide.
  • AC servo motor directly go through coupling to drive the ball screws.
  • The work table is manufactured from stainless design to ensure best maintenance.
  • The U, V axes located upper from the columm to offer accurate stability, it can reach precise taper machining when facing high wire tension and high water pressure.
  • High rigidity design and well thermal balance are used for precision machining.
  • Submerged work tank you don’t find more spread water, offs a complicated machining shape request and stable cutting status.
  • To put the work piece into submerged water, keeps same temperature and reach the work piece stability and non-transformed shape.
  • Simple and reliable Automatic Threading Device design, applies high precision accuracy and easy operator maintenance.
  • Specially designed Φ1.0mm high pressure water jet on the Automatic Wire Threading system, offers enhanced reliability for threading brass wire from Φ0.1mm~Φ0.3mm.
  • The Automatic Wire Threading cut design ensures a clean cut burr free sharp point to the new wire.
  • Time saving submerged Auto Wire Threading facility.
  • Heavy-duty wire spool shaft design for case of maintenance.
  • High specification 'Dynamic Wire Tension Controller’.
  • Special upper / lower wire guide set, provides high-speed automatic wire threading in water.
  • High speed submerged culling for up to 450mrn Sick work piece.
  • Specially designed 'Wire Chopper is available for some modes.
  • Large wire spool capacity (20 kits or above) system as an option, to increase wire change over up to 170 hours (20Kg brass 0.2mm).
  • Water Jet cleaning system located at rear of the tank ensures that the back seal plate and lower arm assembly are kept free from erosion debris.
  • Smooth lower arm movement fitted with anti leaking system.
  • Lower arm thermal cooling system ensures high stability.
  • Hardened Stainless work tank base, enhance rigidity and support Sealed, well-balanced, box-type design casting of the machine body ensures high thermal balance stability.
  • Each alas use high precision C1 class ball screws with manual single shot lubrication system on the X and Y axes fitted as standard.


    Controller device Industrial grade pentium 2 IPC
    Memory device 64MB DOM
    Screen display 12.1" 800x600 Color TFT LCD
    Input means Keyboard, RS232, 3.5" Floppy Disk, CF Card
    Service contro; means Fully-closed circuit AC servo control
    No. of control means 6 axes
    Instruction value 0.001 mm
    Max. instruction value 9999.999 mm
    Interpolation functions Linear / Circular
    Positioning command format Incremental / Absolute
    Wire diameter compenation ±99.999 mm
    Pattern rotation 0~360°
    Processing conditioon 9999 sets


    Work piece thickness: 20mm)

      Settings (mm) Test result (mm) Difference (mm)
    A 20 20.002 0.002
    B 35 35.001 0.001
    C 55 55.003 0.003
    D 70 69.999 -0.001
    E 90 90.001 0.001
    F 105 105.000 0
    G 125 125.003 0.003
    H 20 20.002 0.002
    J 60 60.003 0.003
    K 80 80.003 0.003
    L 25 25.001 0.001
    M 100 100.001 0.001
    N 30 30.000 0.000
    P 30 30.000 0.000
    Max. difference 0.004


    Discharge power supply AC/DC MOSFET
    Surface roughness Ra 0.3~0.4 um Ra
    Intelligent ignition power supply Ultra-thin, thick plate
    Max. cutting speed 250mm2 / Ø0.25mm straight line cutting
    Electricity required 3 phase, 220V / 380V, 10%25A, 18KVA


    1. Automatic vertical alignment jig 1 set
    2. Filter element 2 pcs
    3. Tool kit 1 set
    4. Wire guide Ø0.25mm 1 set
    5. Brass wire Ø0.25mm 1 set
    6. Ion exchange resin 1 set


    1. Tension meter 
    2. Wire guide (Ø0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm)
    3. Dielectric cooling unit
    4. Consumable parts (Wire, Flushing nozzles….etc.)
    5. Super fine circuit
    6. Others upon request